About us

What we Do

Our goal is to help retail investors find the best broker for them. We feature brokers even if we don’t have a commercial relationship with them. Our partnerships and sponsorship deals never affect ranking or scores of brokerage firms on seo course .Throughout our journey and every day in our work we see success at this not just in our audience numbers but in user feedback and our media coverage as well. seo course is now a recognized and reliable information source in the industry with dozens of brokers and other financial service providers contacting us each month. This page is created to help current and future partners understand what we have to offer.

How covered helps your find the best

If your brokerage meets our quality criteria of having a licence from one of the top-tier financial regulators like the FCA there are two ways to get featured on BrokerChooser

  • We add you to our pipeline of brokers which we will feature. Most probably you will have to wait a couple of months or even more than a year to get featured this way.
  • Start an affiliate partnership with us and pay a one-time sign-up fee, if you’d like to get featured straight away without waiting in the queue.

Leverage our audience

Besides getting featured, another alternative way to partner with us is leveraging our audience through a remarketing pixel. Advertisers (currently brokers) can place their retargeting pixel on BrokerChooser site – all pages. This is also only for brokers who
meet our quality criteria, but you don’t have to be featured on Broker Anyone that visits BrokerChooser is tagged and the advertiser can target their paid advertising to them when they visit other places around the web