If you need to protect your business, consider policies from Berkley Insurance to determine if they are ideal for your needs.

The insurance is a part of the W. R. Berkley group, regulated by W.R. Berkley Corporation a fortune 500 company that operates in most countries globally. Berkley insurance provides several cover options such as professional liability insurance and general liability insurance, and more.

Types of business insurance offered by Berkley Insurance   

Public and Products Liability Insurance 

This is a cover that protects your business against paying compensation to third party in case you are sued for personal accidents, damage, or injury that occur because of any business activity. The cover comprises:

  • Cover for falls and slips on your properties
  • Cover for damage to third party’s property
  • Injury that results from negligence from you or your employees
  • Damage or loss due to defective products
  • Legal fees for defending.
  • Cover for workers compensation recovery claims for labor- hire contractors/ employees

Professional Indemnity Insurance 

Professional Indemnity insurance is a type of cover that can help protect your business when sued by a client claiming that they have suffered a financial loss because of negligence or breach of professional duty from the services offered by your business. 

The cover can consist of:

  • Design & Construct Insurance
  • Medical Malpractice Insurance  
  • Association Liability Insurance
  • IT Liability Insurance

Management liability Insurance 

Management Liability Insurance is a crucial cover that offers protection to companies and directors against a Wrongful Act. The policy is ideal for a number of companies, from large public companies, medium-sized businesses, and small companies. The cover offers Sole Trader Management liability and Director & Officers Liability which can offer you protection for a fraudulent or wrongful act where you are held personally liable, such as covering your personal assets from financial loss.

Do you need to make a claim on your Berkley insurance? Adhere to this guideline 

The steps you need to take when making a claim with Berkley Insurance Australia comprise of:

  1. Take all the necessary precautions at the place of incident to avoid further liability, damage or loss.
  2. At no time should you admit liability
  3. Make a report to the police in case property has been maliciously damaged, stolen, or lost so that you can obtain a copy of the police report early enough.
  4. Document all the information of third parties involved, such as their insurer details if possible
  5. Take photos of the damaged area.
  6. Contact your Berkley Insurance Broker immediately to start submitting your claim.

Undoubtedly, Berkley Insurance Australia has proven to be a main contender in the corporate insurance industry. This is because it offers numerous products that are designed specifically to the requirements of the business community. Other than that there is no doubt Berkley Insurance Australia will continue having a high competitive advantage in the competitive industry if they continue focusing on streamlining their claiming process.

If you are ready to take this insurance policy, talk to an adviser so that you can make an informed choice.  

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