Mazda 3 average comprehensive insurance policy each month is $129 a month or $1365 annually.

The actual cost of this policy could be more or less in regard to the number of kilometers you drive in a year or depending on your driving record.

We used the profile below to determine the estimated cost from five insurers.

  • 2021 Mazda 3
  • More than 30,000 km driven annually
  • In the past five years not been involved in an accident
  • The driver is based in Sydney
  • At night the vehicle is parked in the garage
  • The vehicle is black

Additional elements that can affect the rates of your auto insurance 

  • The model year of Mazda 3
  • The vehicles color
  • The coverage that you require
  • The estimated kilometers that you drive every year
  • The car anti-theft and safety features
  • The location of the driver
  • The age of the driver
  • The history of the driver’s driving in the past five years
  • The marital status of the driver
  • Gender of the driver

About the Mazda 3

Mazda 3 is in its third generation as it has been around since 2004. The compact vehicle is known for superb fuel economy, perfect handling, upscale interior, and strong brakes. The make resembles hatchback and sedan styles.

The insurance cost of Mazda 3 is determined by the insurers depending on theft rates, safety rating, overall damage susceptibility, and replacement costs. The rates of the insurance can also change depending on the driver’s location and history of driving.

As a customer, you need to select quotes from several insurers before you commit. Apart from that, you can also conduct your own research to see if you are eligible for discounts with each insurer.

Comparison of insurers that cover Mazda 3

InsurerRoadside assistanceAccidental damageStormChoosing your repairerMarket value or Agreed 
Budget Direct Comprehensive CompareOptional✓ ✓ OptionalMarket or agreedFinder AwardGet Quote See more

 Summary from Finder: Budget Direct was presented with the 2021 Finder Award for Car Insurance -Significance in TAS, QLD, VIC, WA, SA and Car insurance – Features in VIC, NSW, WA. At a reduced fee, the policy provides solid coverage. From about 5,000 customers’ budget direct claims, have gotten a 4.2/5 based on reviews.

Offer present: If you take your policy online, you receive a 15% discount on your year one premiums. Terms and conditions apply.

Who it is best for: Folks in need of a comprehensive cover without breaking the bank.

Bingle Comprehensive

Bingle Compare X✓ ✓  X Market Get Quote View more

 Summary from Finder: This is one of the cheapest policies as it covers the basics only. On this cover, you are not allowed to choose your repairer; your personal items are not covered unless included as an option. Lastly, you won’t get a rental car if your car is stolen.

Who it’s best for:  Individuals who need cover for basics at a low cost.

Coles Comprehensive 

Coles insurance Compare Optional✓ ✓  X Agreed or marketGet Quote See details

Summary from Finder: This policy gives you a chance to make flybuys points when you shop at Coles supermarkets and when you redeem 2000 flybuy points you can get $10 off your Coles grocery bill. You will also enjoy a one-week turnaround if your vehicle is damaged.

Offer available: When you take out your policy online, you will receive a 10% discount off your year one premiums. T&Cs are applicable.

Who it is best for: Flybuys collectors and Coles customers.

Qantas Comprehensive 

Qantas Insurance CompareOptional✓ ✓ OptionalMarket or AgreedGet Quote More Info

Summary from Finder: This cover allows you to decide how comprehensive you want the cover to be. Qantas offers optional extras like the choice of repairer and agreed or market value.

Offer Available: paying and joining allows you to earn Qantas points. Get 20,000 Qantas points if you sign up today (Points given depend on your premiums). Eligibility and T&Cs are applicable.

Who it’s best for: Individuals who prefer to earn Qantas points.

QBE Comprehensive 

 QBE  Compare  X ✓  ✓   Optional  Agreed or MarketGREEN COMPANY Get Quote View details

Summary from Finder: QBE is an award winner of the Finders Green insurer of the year 2021. This policy provides the highest cover from QBE, constituting a three-year new car replacement.

Offer available: If you purchase your policy online, save up to 75%. T&Cs are applicable.

Who it is ideal for: people looking for a more environmental insurance option.  

Virgin Comprehensive

Virgin Money CompareOptional✓ ✓ optionalAgreed or marketGet Quote See details

Summary from Finder: The 2019 finalist of the Best Value Car Insurance for Finders Awards. For a reasonable price, you will get the ideal cover.

Offer available: When you purchase a new eligible comprehensive car insurance online, you will get a 15% discount off. Terms and Conditions apply.

Ideal for: Individuals who prefer managing their policy online 24/7.

ahm Comprehensive 

ahm Compare Optional✓ ✓ X BothGet quote See details

 Summary from Finder: This policy allows you to select higher excess to reduce your comprehensive cover.

Offer present: Receive a 15% discount when you purchase a new policy. T&Cs are applicable.

It’s ideal for: People who drive less than15000 km annually.

Australia post comprehensive 

Australia Post Compare X✓ ✓ OptionalMarket or agreedGet Quote See details

 Summary from Finder: This insurance offers cover for things such as fire, theft, new for old replacement, emergency transport, and accommodation. The insurance also covers everyone who uses the car.

Offer available: If you buy your policy online, you will receive $75 off your first year’s premiums.

It’s ideal for: Most people who use your vehicle and you don’t have to worry about listing all the drivers.

Stella Comprehensive 

Stella CompareOptional✓ ✓  X Agreed or marketGet Quote View details

Summary from Finder: This is a female-focused insurer. Stella will offer you cover if your car is damaged due to domestic violence. It provides the highest cover of up to $2,000 for baby gear like child seats, strollers, and prams.

It’s ideal for: An individual who needs a female-centered car insurance policy (covers men too).

Poncho Comprehensive 

Poncho Compare X✓ ✓  X AgreedGet Quote See details

 Summary from Finder: Poncho operates monthly- it allows you to pay every month and makes it possible to cancel and leave at any time. In addition to this, the policy allows the listing of multiple drivers, making it perfect for groups or families living in one household.

Who it’s best for: Individuals who need their car insurance month to month.

PD Comprehensive Compare Optional✓ ✓  X AgreedGet Quote View details

 Summary from Finder: This policy allows you to purchase, manage and start your claims online. It encompasses cover for emergency repairs of up to $500 and a free windscreen chip repair. Additionally, PD Comprehensive Car insurance allows you to customize your cover extras.

Offer available: If you purchase this policy for the first time, you can enjoy 15% off your year one premiums. T&Cs apply.

It is best for: Individuals with low claims and the only driver.

Huddle Black Comprehensive

Huddle Compare✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Agreed or MarketGet Quote See details 

Finder’s summary: The highest cover with exclusive benefits is Huddle’s black. It consists of roadside assistance. For emergency travel and accommodation, you can also get up to $2,000 and a legal liability of $30 million.

It is best for: Individuals that prefer 24/7 claim processing.

Youi Comprehensive 

youi Compare✓ ✓ ✓ OptionalAgreed or marketGet quote More info

Summary from Finder: Youi is among the few policies to include roadside assistance. This policy also allows you to get YouiRewards which allow you to have a discount on parking, furniture, and more. There is also a live feature on its site to help you through any questions.

Offer available: For monthly premiums paid until 3 October 2021, receive a 15% COVID-19 temporary cashback. Present for all existing and new customers in Vic and NSW. Eligibility criteria, T&Cs apply.

It’s ideal for: Individuals above 25 years and needs comprehensive cover focusing on customer services.

Facts about Mazda 

Mazda Motor Corporation is a Japanese automaker and has been around since 1920.

Approximately 1.5 million vehicles were produced by Mazda for sale worldwide.

In the year 1967, Mazda entered the Australian market, and the Wankel pickup truck has only been produced by Mazda.

The 2021 Mazda 3 – how does it compare?

At a base price of $25,240, the 2021 Mazda 3 starts, and the average insurance cost each year is $1365. So that yearly insurance cost-to-base car ratio is 5.4%.

Is Mazda 3 safe?

The Australiasian New Car Assessment Program awarded the Mazda 3 an overall safety rating of 5-Star. The compact car had a 16 out of 16 score for the side-impact crash test and an excellent 15.4 out of 16 score for the frontal offset crash test.

The 2021 Mazda 3 has features like rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring, anti-lock brakes, and an automatic emergency braking system.

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