An Australian insurer, Auto & General Insurance Company Ltd underwrites Ozicare car insurance.

The policies are made to offer cover and suit the needs and budgets of most Australians. Since 2001 the company has been addressing the insurance needs of Australians. Ozicare Car Insurance provides 3 car insurance policies to its customers.

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party Fire And Theft
  • Third Party

Therefore, as an individual, if you drive a small hatchback, a big four-wheel drive, or anything in between, you need to have enough coverage before you head out on an open road. Insurance that protects you against theft, fire, collision, and other driving risks allows you to drive your car confidently.

Ozicare Car Insurance options

Ozicare Comprehensive 

The highest level cover from Ozicare is Comprehensive Car Insurance. It covers theft and fire, and in the event of an accident, it offers cover for damage to your vehicle and the other person’s car.

Here is what to expect from Ozicare Comprehensive Car Insurance:

  • Liability cover of $20 million if your vehicle is the cause of damage to another person’s property
  • Your vehicle is covered to its market value or to an agreed value of $3,000 (that which is lesser)
  • Damage as a result of a collision, malicious acts, attempted theft, storm, hail, and flood
  • Cover for your personal effects in case of a collision
  • Emergency transport and accommodation costs
  • Cover for trailer
  • New car replacement

Ozicare Third Party Fire and Theft 

In the event of an accident, Ozicare Third Party Fire and Theft provides cover for damage to another person’s car. Cover is also given in instances where your car is stolen or catches fire. Lastly, you are also covered when your car is involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle.

Ozicare Third Party Theft Car Insurance provides:

  • Coverage if your car causes destruction to the property of another person.
  • $20 million liability cover
  • Cover for damage caused to your car by fire or theft
  • Cover to hire vehicle following the theft of your car
  • Cover up to $3,000 for uninsured motorist damage
  • Flexible options for premium options

Ozicare Third Party 

Ozicare third party policy is the least expensive cover from Ozicare. It provides cover for damage to a third party’s car caused by your vehicle. The policy also provides cover for damage if your car is involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle.

Some of the cover provided by Ozicare includes:

  • Destruction to someone else’s property brought about by your car
  •  $20 million for liability cover
  • Cover for damage from uninsured motorists for up to $3,000

Breakdown of feature 

AdvantageComprehensiveThird Party Fire and TheftThird Party
21-day money back guarantee✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes 
24-hour claims helpline✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes 
Emergency transport and accommodation✓ $100 each day  X  No X  No
Payment options that are flexible✓ Yes ✓ Yes ✓ Yes 
Car hire after theft✓ Yes ✓ Yes  X  No
Cover for Legal Liability✓ $20 million ✓ $20 million ✓ $20 million 
Car damage or loss as a result of fire✓ Yes ✓ Yes  X  No
New for old car replacement for the earlier of the first 12 months or 20,000 km✓ Yes  X  No X  No
Coverage for personal effects✓ Up to $250  X  No X No
Cover for trailer✓ Up to $500 X  NoX  No
Damage by uninsured motorist X No✓  up to $3,000 ✓ up to $3,000 

Exclusions of Ozicare Car Insurance 

Prior to applying for Ozicare policy, keep in mind, there are instances where the insurance claim will not be paid. These comprise:

  • If your car was being driven by anyone excluded or not listed on your certificate of insurance
  • In case someone was driving your vehicle without your consent unless you took the necessary steps in helping the relevant authority in prosecuting the person responsible.
  • The person driving the car did not hold a valid license.
  • The vehicle’s driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or declined to be tested for drugs or alcohol.
  • In case the vehicle was being used to ferry goods or passengers for a fee.
  • The car was being used in connection with motor trade other than for servicing or repairs.
  • If the car was involved in racing of any kind
  • In case the vehicle was being used for illegal activities.
  • If the car was overloaded or being driven, in an un-roadworthy or unsafe condition
  • In case the vehicle was transporting flammable, explosives, or toxic goods illegally.
  • You never accompanied the car when being shown for sale, and the car was then stolen.
  • In case the driver didn’t remain at the accident scene and was necessitated by law to do so.
  • If you claim for reduction in car’s value following repairs
  • In case the claim is for tire damage caused by bursts, cuts, or punctures.
  • Your claim results from consequential loss.
  • In case your claim is for corrosion, rust, or wear and tear.
  • Your claim is for electronic, structural, or mechanical malfunction or breakdown.
  • If you claim for loss, liability, or damage caused by a deliberate act by you or someone acting with your consent
  • If your claim is for escape or discharge of any coolant or oil except when there is a collision
  • In case the claim arises due to an act of war or terrorism.
  • Your claim is as a result of modifying, repairing, or cleaning your vehicle.
  • If your claim is a result of the use of fuel type, that is incorrect.

What is the cost of Ozicare Car Insurance?  

Several factors can affect the cost of your Ozicare car insurance premiums, such as:

  • The driver’s age. Younger drivers normally pay higher premiums because they have little experience and are more likely to be involved in an accident.
  • Car type. A family sedan that is less expensive will cost less to insure compared to a costly high-powered import.
  • Where your vehicle is kept, you will save a lot if you park your car in a locked garage overnight other than leaving it on the streets. Other than this, parking your car in particular suburbs – for instance, suburbs with little crime rates will also result in lower premiums.   
  • The use of your car. A vehicle that is driven rarely and only during low traffic periods will cost less to insure than a vehicle that is used more frequently in peak-hour city traffic.
  • The security of your car. It would be harder for burglars to steal a vehicle with a sophisticated alarm system compared to a car with no security features in place. So expect to pay more if your car does not have any alarm system installed.
  • Your history of driving. A driver with unblemished driving history will pay less compared to a driver with a history of traffic infringements and accidents.

Car insurance excess

You need to pay an excess when you claim with Ozicare. This is aimed to contribute to the cost of your claim. The sum you have to pay includes basic excess plus additional excesses listed in your insurance certificate.

In case you are ever involved in a no-fault accident with another vehicle and your claim cost is more than the basic excess amount, you won’t be required to pay an excess.

Saving on my Ozicare policy 

  • Increase your excess. If you choose lower premiums, it means you have to pay a lower premium.
  • Drivers’ age restriction. You can enjoy cheaper cover if you agree drivers under a certain age will not be driving your car.

Making a claim with Ozicare 

Call Ozicare 1300 139 870 to talk to a claims consultant. But you need to make sure you have adequate documentation.  

FAQs regarding Ozicare 

How do I purchase the policy? 

You can call the insurer and talk to the customer service consultant, or you can purchase your Ozicare car insurance online from Ozicare by getting a quote.

What amount of liability cover is included in my policy? 

$20 million is included as liability cover in every Ozicare policy.

How do you differentiate between an agreed value policy and a market value policy? 

 Market value policy is where your insurance will cover the cost of replacing your vehicle with the same model, condition, and make. On the other hand, agree policy necessitates you and your insurer agree to the value of your car when you apply for cover.

How will I reduce my premium? 

You can reduce your premium by:

  • Decreasing your windscreen excess
  • Excluding drivers in your policy

Is it a must to tell Ozicare about my driving history?

If you fail to inform Ozicare about your driving history, it could result in non-payment in case you need to make a claim.

Who underwrites the policy? 

Auto & General Insurance Company Ltd underwrites Ozicare Car Insurance.

Are you set to apply for cover?

Ozicare provides a selection of competitive policies that can give you the cover that you need. Before you choose your cover, ensure you weigh your options and make a comparison on multiple policies.

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