This insurance pays 80% of treatment cost like most insurers but offers a lower annual limit than any other insurer.  


  •  It holds a 10% discount for multi-pet.
  •  It has an 80% reimbursement rate that is the same as other pet insurers.
  •  It is ideal if you need a policy that covers accidents.


  • It has a cooling period similar to other pet insurers; however, you can get some large as 30 days.
  • The annual benefit of $14,450 is not market-leading – most insurers comprising Coles, Knose, and Petsy guarantee more.

PROSURE pet insurance – what does it cover? 

Accidental injuries 

All PROSURE pet insurance policies cover accidental injuries. You can get payment of 80% of vet bills for injuries such as:

  • Car incidents
  • Toxicity of snake bites
  • Fractures of bone
  • Electrocutions or burns


Silver and Platinum policies from PROSURE can cover for illness. However, your pet needs to be eight weeks old and younger than nine years. The cover is for illnesses such as:

Skin conditions

  • Cancer
  • Conditions of the ear/eye
  • Ingestion of a foreign object
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Conditions that are hereditary (excluding pre-existing conditions)

Routine Care

You can add Routine Care to your cover, but you need to pay extra. This can assist in paying for particular preventative health care treatments like:

  • Microchipping
  • Desexing
  • Health checks
  • Vaccination of health checks

Reviews of PROSURE pet insurance

We checked PROSURE customer reviews which go way back nine years from august 2021 on productreview. com. Here is its summary.

  • Most customers are happy with the services of PROSURE pet insurance.  At the moment PROSURE has a rating of 3.1 better compared to other insurers like Woolies on
  • It has mixed reviews – around 20 1 star and star ratings.

FAQs of PROSURE pet insurance

What age should my pet be to be eligible for cover? 

Younger than nine years. There is a guarantee of continuous renewal of your pet’s policy with PROSURE if there is no lapse, change or break in the level of cover once your pet is nine years old.

Are hereditary and congenital disabilities covered by PROSURE? 

Yes, hereditary and congenital disabilities are covered, provided no signs were spotted when the policy was being taken or during the waiting period of 30 days, except with the silver policy.

When does the policy start and when can I begin claiming? 

The policy begins a minute before midnight the day the insurer accepts the proposal. As a policyholder, you can begin claiming immediately for any accident. For conditions on illnesses, there is a 30 day waiting period.

Compare other pet insurance covers

InsureAccidental InjuryIllnessMaximum Yearly BenefitParalysis Tick benefitReimbursement Rate 
Medibank Ultimate Pet Care Compare✓     ✓  $15,000 $1,200 80%Get Quote See details

Need a $100 PET stock e-voucher? Plus, health members save 10% each year. Sign up using promo code PET100. Ends 19 Oct 2021. T&C apply. Visit our page for more info.

Budget Direct Pet Insurance

Budget Direct Compare✓ ✓  $12,000 $1500 80%Get Quote More Info

If you buy online receive 15% of your year one premiums.

PD Deluxe Plan Compare✓ ✓  $15,000 $2,300 N/AGet Quote More info

PD deluxe is a comprehensive policy which covers your pet for illnesses, dental, accidents and emergencies. It also offers an optional wellness benefit add-on. Get your first month free if you apply online. T&Cs are applicable. 

Knose Pet Insurance

Knose Pet Insurance Compare✓ ✓  $25,000 $25,000 70%, 80% or 90%Acquire Quote More info

Finder exclusive: Receive 10% off your year one premiums. For lower risk pets get lower prices. Terms and Conditions apply.

PIA Major Cover

Pet Insurance Australia Compare ✓ ✓  $15,145 $1,200 80%Get Quote More info

This policy offers cover for specific illnesses, and inclusion of Care Cover. When you sign up you will enjoy 2 month free.

Vets Choice Elite Cover

Vets choice Compare✓ ✓  $15,000 $2,500 80% or 100%Get Quote See details

Receive a 5% discount when you insure more than one pet.

Petsy Dog Illness and Accidental Injury Cover (Vet Select)

Petsy the pet people Compare✓ ✓  $25,000 $1,500 100%Get Quote See details

With promo code: PETSYPET a personalized pet tag and enjoy 2 months free. Petsy holders enjoy free personalized gifts and exclusive pet discounts.

Kogan Pet Luxury Cover

Kogan pet insurance Compare✓ ✓  $15,000 $2,000 80% or 65%Get quote See details

Get $75 Credit. Terms and Conditions apply.

Coles Premium Cover

Coles Compare✓ ✓  $15,000 $2,50080% or 100%Get Quote See details

For each $1 spent on pet food at Coles supermarkets earn 10x Flybuys points.  T&Cs apply.

PetSecure Accident and Illness Cover

PetSecure Compare ✓ ✓  $12,000 $500 75% or 85%Get Quote More info

Your pet receives cover for life.

RSPCA Ultimate Plus Accident and Illness Cover

RSPCA Pet Insurance Compare ✓ ✓  $20,000Up to $20,000 annual limit 80%Get Quote View details

This is a comprehensive cover for your pet consisting of routine care. Enjoy a free month of free trial for a year on new policies.

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