As an owner of a vintage, classic, or prestige car, caravan or motorcycle, you need to ensure that you have the ideal level of cover in place to protect you against several risks. Motoring enthusiasts can receive cover from Ryno Insurance Services as it provides policies that suit a variety of exceptional cars.

What cover does Ryno Car Insurance cover offer? 

Ryno has policies designed for a variety of vehicles, like muscle cars, performance cars, classic cars, and bikes. If you purchase this policy, expect cover for each of the following:

  • Value cover agreed for modifications and accessories
  • If you pick your repairer
  • Salvage options providing you the right to keep the car if it is written off
  • Car hire in case yours need some work done to it, or it needs repair
  • Flexible cover, designed for your needs
  • Excess-free glass cover. In case your windscreen is damaged, you won’t be required to pay an excess  
  • Guarantee for authorized repairs for a lifetime

Bear in mind these are only a few of the benefits present when you acquire the cover. Ryno can design covers to cater to your needs, so your policy may be quite different.

What will you not be covered for? 

  • Your car antitheft system was not functional, activated, or fitted when the loss occurred.
  • It happened due to a legal seizure of your car.
  • The driver driving your vehicle was not licensed.
  • Someone under the influence of alcohol and drugs was driving your vehicle.
  • The person driving your vehicle has been refused or declined insurance.
  • The driver of the car at the time was someone above 25 years for vehicles less than 25 years old.
  • Someone under the age of 20 was driving your 25 years of age or older car.
  • The person who was riding your motorcycle has held a license for less than two years.
  • Your car was in unroadworthy condition when being driven.
  • Claim is for tire damage as a result of brake application, bursts, or punctures.
  • Your car was being used to carry passengers for reward, hire, or fare.
  • Your car was being used in connection with motor trade.  
  • It was as a result of illegal modifications to your car.
  • It was as a result of intentional, deliberate, illegal or malicious activity by you or someone acting on your behalf.
  • Your car was being powered on a race track for any purpose relating to motorsport of any kind.
  • The claim is for deterioration, depreciation, wear and tear, corrosion, mechanical breakdown or rust.
  • It was a result of pre-existing damage.
  • The cost is for fixing defective workmanship or repairs.
  • It arises due to any cleaning process, repair or restoration that encompasses chemical use.
  • It happened because you did not protect your car after it was recovered after being stolen, being involved in a road accident, or after the car had broken down.

Excess of Ryno car insurance 

You have to pay an excess if you claim on your Ryno car insurance cover. Some of the excesses that may apply to your cover includes:

Basic excess. This is a general excess that applies to all the claims that you make.

Age and inexperienced driver excess This excess apply to all claims involving inexperienced or young drivers. The inexperienced driver excess is $1,500, and the age excess is $400.

Theft excess. You will be required to pay this excess if you make a claim for theft or attempted theft.

Custom paint excess. If your car has been sign written, custom painted, graphic appliqued, airbrushed, and this includes a larger part of the greed car value, custom paint excess applies to help cover the extra cost of repainting.

Special excesses. These are excesses that are added to your policy due to specific circumstances.

  • Steps involved in making a claim

It is crucial to inform Ryno Insurance Services immediately if you are involved in an accident to start the repair process. You can call them on 1300 650 670 or send them an email at [email protected]

It is also important to collect names and details of each person involved in the accident. In addition to this, gather information from witnesses but do not admit any liability.

In the event of malicious damage or theft, inform the police immediately and obtain a copy of their report.

You will also be required to complete a form that you can access from the Ryno Car Insurance website.

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